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             NXDN®, DMR and P25
Radios are a lifeline for those who work on the front lines – crews tackling a four-alarm fire, utility engineers repairing ice-storm damage, or school guards responding to a security alert. They demand and deserve equipment that is truly fit for purpose, and then some.
To meet this demand KENWOOD has drawn on its extensive experience, its renowned technologies, and an expert analysis of market needs to develop NEXEDGE®. This innovative digital solution satisfies the most stringent requirements of today’s mission- critical radio users. And now NEXEDGE leaps further ahead of the competition with NX- 5000 Series portable and mobile radios, ready to serve in all public safety, public sector and commercial roles with flawless performance and advanced feature sets.
With a capacity over 1,000 sites, Gen2 is designed for NEXEDGE system operators and users, particularly public safety, utilities and large-scale manufacturing and other facilities with multiple sites and systems distributed over a wide area.
The NX-5000 Series truly sets a new standard.

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