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                                                                                                  MULTIPLE CONFIGURATION (Mobiles: option)
The NX-5000 mobile series allows users to create a variety of configurations to suit diverse requirements by combining different options.
  1. Single Remote Control Head x Single RF Deck
Suited for distribution and courier services, this is the simplest configuration. The detachable front control panel of the NX-5000 mobile series is used as a Remote Control Head.
                                    2. Single Remote Control Head x Multi RF Decks
You can operate multiple radios (e.g. VHF and UHF) as if they were one by adding an NX-5000 mobile series RF Deck. This configuration is recommended for law enforcement agencies.
                                          3. Dual Remote Control Heads x Single RF Deck
One controller can be mounted on the dashboard, with the other at the rear. Useful for EMS applications.
                                                    4. Dual Remote Control Heads x Multi RF Decks
This adds the convenience of a dual control head to the multi RF decks (3 max.) configuration. Two operators can control 2 radios (e.g. VHF and UHF) from separate control heads. Best suited for battalion chiefs.
                                                         SD CARD SLOT
For storing voice and data, memory capacity can be
increased by up to a huge 32 GB.*
* Purchase a card separately.
Life-critical detection is built-in. When unusual behavior is detected by the acceleration and tilt sensors, one of three Emergency Modes – Man-down Detection, Stationary Detection, and Motion Detection – will be automatically engaged.
In addition to the built-in motion sensor, these portables feature a Lone Worker function that automatically places the radio in Emergency
Mode if it is not operated
for a certain period of time.
Also the bright orange
Emergency Button is
located at the top
(portables) or front
(mobiles) of the radio for
high visibility and instant
access when needed.
       Product shown is laying on its side viewing the top of the radio.

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